Founded in 1995, we're a membership organization of 3,800 independent channel sales partners (IT VARs, telecom agents, network service integrators, business phone system vendors, etc.) who consult with business end-users and share best practices.

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Blog Posts for End-Users (that TA Members can license)
How to Build a Secure, Business-Grade Multilocation 4G Wireless Network for Your Distributed Enterprise - a Buyers Guide & Glossary for End-Users

How to Choose a Carrier Independent Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Package

Telecom Expense Management Buyers Guide & 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Shopping

How Broadband Internet Aggregation Helps Your Multi-Location Business (explained in just 90 seconds...)

Ready to Move Your Office Workers to Where Your Customers Need Them?

Are Your Digital Business Assets Locked Up as Safely as Your Physical Assets?

Improve Your Business Operations by Improving Your Business Communications

How to Get Good Phone Numbers for a New Business or Marketing Campaign

Where's the Love? New AT&T Small Business Phone System Panned by 10 out of 10 Online Reviewers

Google vs. Bing: Which Business Search Engine Delivers More Infected Websites to Your Employees?

Business Operations Technology Start-up Tools for New Business Owners

Dollars Spent on Communication Technology Lead to Better Business Marketing

Can a Wide Area Network Aggregate Cable, 4G & DSL?

WAN Optimization Toolkit & Buyers Guide

Feeling Lucky Installing a Do-it-Yourself Phone System? How about one that requires no installation (or luck)?

Are You Limited to Only Using Reps that can Work in Your Contact Center? No...

Bullets, Barns and Bandwidth (Prepare your business for the next asteroid)

Business Continuity Solutions Overview: Keep your business connected with advanced satellite technology

Will Auto-Renewal of Bad Voice & Data Contracts Drag You Over Your Own Telecom Fiscal Cliff in 2013?

Here's Your 5-Point 2013 Office Communications Technology Checklist (to Not Get Fired)

The Two Biggest Business Communication Technology Stories from 2012

Hot Holiday Party Techno Chit-Chat: What to know in advance of your next business cocktail party...

Access Avaya, Adtran or Samsung Business Phone Solutions Through the Tech Vendor of Your Choice

Single Source Phone System Equipment Solutions: An NTS Direct Buyers Guide & White Paper

Which Smartphone Operating System Should Your Business Use in 2013?

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Internet Connection at the Best Price

Broadband Internet Connection Upgrade Buyer's Guide

Did You Buy a Super Cheap Asterisk IP-PBX Business VoIP Phone System? Better watch your phone bill ...

Nationwide, Mid-Sized Businesses Look Past Owning Multiple PBXs in Favor of Hosted Unified Communications

"Should You Buy or Rent a Phone System?" Checklist

Ready for Usage-Based Broadband Billing? How Much Data Does Your Business Use Each Month?

Bandwidth Management Buyers Guide

How to Inexpensively Increase Internet Bandwidth by Bonding Low Cost Coax Cable and DSL Circuits

How to Use Cable Aggregation as an Alternative or a Replacement for Your MPLS Network

Will an $8 "Dual Persona" App Enable Employees to Securely Use Their Personal Smartphones for Work?

How many Hops is Too Many Hops? What to look for if latency is killing your global data applications...

How Does Verizon's New Unlimited Voice/Text and Shared Data Plan Change Your Phone Bill Budget?

US Soldier Gets $16,000 Wireless Phone Bill for Data Roaming -- Is Your Phone Bill Properly Protected?

How to Use Coax Cable Aggregation to Backup or Augment Your MPLS Wide Area Network

How Do You Know Which of Your Employees Can Talk to Your Most Important Prospect Right Now?

If Your Employees Have a SmartPhone and a Tablet Do They Need a Phone and Computer in Your Office?

Price Alert: No More Free Smartphone Upgrades From the Big 3; Time for Wi-Fi First/Wi-Fi Only Cell Phones?

Gadget Review: "Call Mynah" Records Cell Phone Calls via Bluetooth, No Expensive Phone Apps Needed!

Gadget Review: Plantronics' CT14 Headset Phone Connects Home Based Call Center Employees For Less

Eliminate Business Phone System Wiring Nightmares with New, Static-Free DECT 6.0 Wireless Technology

New FCC Smartphone Database Cuts Thefts in Six Months But We help You Today

Is Your AT&T Phone Bill Paying for $107,000 Per Year Call Center Reps?

Solution Review: How Distributed Enterprise IT Directors Solve 3G/4G Fixed Wireless Connectivity Problems

Does Your Business Telephone Number Show Up Correctly in a Google Search? Here's How to Check it (and Fix it...)

When's The Last Time You Reviewed the 411 Directory Listings for Your Business? How to Fix Problems the Problems...

Competitive Intelligence: How Do SafeSoft's Hosted Call Center Solutions Compare to What You're Using Now?

Increase Sales & Appointment Setting 400% Without More Phone Equipment Using a Hosted Predictive Dialer

Call & Contact Center Buyers Guide for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Is Your Customer Service "Out to Lunch"? Unified Communications' "Presence" Solves This Problem

What are the Benefits of Connecting Your Business to "the Cloud"? How to choose a cloud consultant?

A Cheap Cloud Phone Solution for Small Professional Office Locations? Panasonic says "Yes" but we say "Maybe"

Want to Keep Competitors From Talking to Your Best Customers? Talk to them more yourself via web conferencing!

Should You Backup Your Critical Business Data in "the Cloud"? Can you afford a cheap solution?

Thinking "Unified Communications" for Your Under 100 Phone Office? Here's Four Phone Vendors to Start With...

How Seasonal and Burstable Phone Systems Lower Phone Bills Up to 25% for Businesses with Uneven Phone Usage

How Can Enterprises Safely Migrate Away from Blackberry to iPhones, Android & iPads? A Subject Matter Expert Interview

Migrating Your Multi-Location Business from a VPN on the Public Internet to a Private Ethernet or MPLS Network

Looking for Multi-Location Broadband Solutions? Need to Integrate Multiple Broadband Networks? We Do that!

Verizon Wireless is on Santa's "2011 Naughty List" for "Bill Shock"

Can Enterprise Customers Migrate From Blackberry Without Sacrificing Security? Mobility Expert Matt Coffy Answers

What To Do When the Public Internet Fails? Put Your Business on a Metro Ethernet or MPLS Private Network

Reduce Four Big IT Headaches With "WEM", our Wireless Expense Management Solution

Business Implications for 4G Wireless Data Networks, Do You Need to Migrate? And if So, Why?

Are Aircards Enough? What Constitutes a Proper Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) for Business Grade Use?

Will "Desktop-as-a-Service" or the "Virtual Desktop" Eliminate Your Need to Ever Buy Another Server?

Need To Integrate Multiple Voice & Data Carriers Into a Single Customized Solution Like This Customer...?

Your Phone Company Just Declared Bankruptcy. What Should You Do? (and When Should You Do It?)

Verizon's "Premium Technical Support" Service Solves Computer Problems for Your "Work at Home" Employees

Looking for a Really "Big Cloud" to Host Your Most Important Business Applications? Here it is...

Will Your Office Computer Network Fail When the Internet Switches to IPv6 in 2012?

Need to Separate Your Phone Numbers From Your Phone Lines & Answer Calls Anywhere? SIP Does That

Giving Up on VoIP Phone Service Because of Outages? Try the Provider That Never Goes Down

Why the Toughest IT Directors Like BandTel for Business Phone System SIP Trunking Solutions

Looking to Eliminate Phone Lines by Plugging Your Cable Internet Into Your Old PBX Phone System?

How Google's Motorola Purchase Aims to Increase YOUR Business Profit

Will the Verizon Strike Adversely Affect Your Business Phone or Data Service?

AT&T: Your business is important ... start paying $8 more per month for every phone line!

How Many Jobs Can Office Technology Help You Kill or Create Today?

FCC Reports on Best Broadband Services - How Did Your Provider Perform?

Google or Microsoft? Who Do You Trust With Your Business Productivity Cloud Applications?

Why Buy From Telecom Agents? Multi-vendor technology solutions require multi-vendor technology experts

Can Competitors Get Your Customer List From Your Salesperson's Smartphone? 4 quick tips to stop this...

Business Phone Systems Review: Broadview Networks' "BYOB" Hosted VoIP Solution

Looking for Alternatives to Verizon and AT&T? Call a Comcast Authorized Agent

How to Find & Eliminate the "Junk Fees" on Your Phone & Data Invoices

Can an Easy Video Surveillance Solution Add Profit to Your Business?

Is the Public Internet a Bad Place for your Business Internet Traffic?

5 Ways to Prevent or Minimize Your Next Business Phone SIP Service Outage

Do You Need an Ethernet Over Fixed Wireless Quote to Guarantee Data Network Redundancy? (Yes!)

Does Your Company Pass the 12-question "Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Test"?

How to Control Your Carriers Without Switching Carriers: Meet TeleSource

The Telecom Contract Lawyer You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Looking for "Ritz-Carlton" Agency Customer Service? Meet MicroCorp

Meet CPI Communications: The Best Agency for Equipment & Network Service Integration?

MultiLocation Buyers Guide

Consultant Gives Testimonial for Telesphere's SIP and Hosted Voip Solutions

Blog Posts for Partners
MicroCorp Named "Top Overall Master Agency"

5 Agent Lessons Learned from the TDM v. Birch Trial

Great Sales Training for Your Front-Line Sales Titles

Successfully Selling IT? Let TA Tell Your Story!

An Agent's Notes from the Channel Partners Show

What to Look for in Vegas

more blog posts ....

Buyers Guides & Checklists
Telecom Expense Management Buyers Guide & 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Shopping

WAN Optimization Toolkit & Buyers Guide

Here's Your 5-Point Office Communications Technology Checklist (to Not Get Fired)

Single Source Phone System Equipment Solutions:  Buyers Guide & White Paper

Broadband Internet Connection Upgrade Buyer's Guide

"Should You Buy or Rent a Phone System?" Checklist

Bandwidth Management Buyers Guide

Call & Contact Center Buyers Guide for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

MultiLocation Buyers Guide


Telecom Association is a 19-year old membership organization. TA members recommend and distribute telecom, data and technology solutions to businesses.

TA vendors provide many of the solutions TA members recommend. Members get information about TA vendor solutions through TA vendor sponsored websites and opt-in TA vendor email blasts.


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Partner Blog Archive

  Transbeam Beats Big 3 in NYC & Boston for 170 Seat VoIP Deal

The Reseller Created To Serve Master Agents: Meet EnTelegent

    Carrier Quote Shop Demo for 12-Location Prospect

How Agents Help Customers Without Switching Their Carriers

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Hiring B2B "Pay for Performance" Inside Sales Associates

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The Telecom Contract Lawyer You Need at a Price You Can Afford

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PowerNet Global is Hiring - Agent Development Manager

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Telarus, Telnes, CPI & Conference Group Lead Awards Voting

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Energent/WTG Showcases How Agents Profit from Energy Sales

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MegaPath Mergers Benefit Telecom Agents & Channel Partners

    5th Annual "Members Choice" Awards Program Open for Voting

TelePacific to Acquire O1's SMB Customers and Network

    How to Sell Conferencing Using the Perfect "5-Point Pitch"

TMC+GLOBALINX: Perfect union of a sales and an agent support?

    Need a Great IP Closer for Your Big Deal? Meet Diana Tedrow

Losing to Cable & Verizon Fiber? Sell it Through Bandwave Instead!

    Earning Commission on "411" Calls? You Should!

Losing Multi-Location Referrals Over Billing/Proposal Mis-Match?

    Agent's Energy Selling Experience Bucks Conventional Wisdom

Is Nuvio's Hosted VoIP Best for Under $500/mo Customers?

    5 Star Shows 4 Ways to Earn with Energy Consulting

PAETEC Buys Biggest Avaya Dealer/Equip. Integrator in West

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Color Broadband: The Only Telco Carrier You Need in Los Angeles

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Granite Does Multi-Location POTs Accounts in Canada

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TeleSource Video Shows Vendor-Neutral TEM Software for Agents

    Should agents signal religion in their corporate communications?

Qwest Announces Commission & Program Changes

    Selling Multi Location MPLS Networks? New Edge share...

Nine Marketing Tips I've Recently Learned for my Business

    Everybody Loves Chris: Why Qwest Agents Aren't Worried

Best Qwest Master Agent? Meet Five Star Communications

    Need Some Advice From "Mr. Qwest"? Call CTG3's Dave...

Qwest Merges With CenturyTel. Good News for Agents?

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Love or Hate GTT or WBSconnect? Agent feedback needed...

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MegaPath Shares 2010 Vision for Multi Location IP Agents

    Vetting Granite Telecom for TA Accredited Vendor Status

Facebook: An Important Tool For Telecom Marketing

    1-Page, Multi-Carrier Telecom Voice and Data Product Matrix

Granite Channel Chief Charlie Pagliazzo: March 2010 in Vegas

    Why Choose Granite Telecom for POTs Consolidation

Why MLE POTs Agent Marc Metzger Recommends Granite

    Alliance Cost Containment Helps TA Members "Get More Pie"

Selling Multi-Location ("MLE") Accounts: Joe Erickson Interview

    Selling Multi-Location ("MLE") Accounts: Jay Morris Interview

"Reverse" Disaster Recovery Pioneered by ATL Communications

    Top Telarus Agents Share Success Tips at Telarus Agent Expo

NuVox "SIP Video" Makes a Confusing Concept SImPle!

    Why Nuvox Agents Should Love the Windstream Deal

Windstream Reveals Unique 2010 Vision at Telarus Agent Expo

    MegaPath Sales VP Shares 2010 Vision at Telarus Agent Expo

Qwest Predicts Business Tech Trends at Telarus' Expo

    Telarus Has "The Best" Technology for Agents & Partners?

The "Back Story" Video

    Instant Free Multi-Carrier Quotes for Any Agent from Telarus

Qwest Multi-Location Case Study Training at Telarus Expo

    Telecom, Gardening & Glass Blowing in Las Vegas?

Netstar Email Newsletter for Their Customers & Prospects

    Telarus and Airvae Provide Turn-Key Agent Marketing

TouchTone Moving Tips for Customers Changing Office Locations

    How CDW (an IT VAR) Successfully Sells Carrier Services

Selling SIP & VoIP: Telesphere Sales VP Talks to TA

    The Multi-Location Buyer's Guide (Did We Get it Right?)

How TA Uses Social Media (Blogs, Facebook Pages & More)

    DIY Marketing: Top 10 Business Website Tools We Use

TMC Trains Agents on Hot Solutions for 2010

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TBI Connections:  Retaining the Relationship With Your Client

AireSpring Heroic April Promo

PRESS RELEASE:  MicroCorp Adds RapidScale to Its Carrier Portfolio

Have an AT&T Data Plan?  Telegration

Bandwidth does NOT equal Speed - Join the Wisemen - TelePacific

Join Intelisys at Cowboy's Stadium with Guest Speaker Drew Pearson - Dallas Mindshare Event - May 7

QuoteReach - Multi-Everything Quotes on | SalesReach Software

Don't Miss the State of the Cloud Panel on May 9!  WTG

Got Customers with Locations in Canada?  Granite Does That!

What You Should Know About CMS    http://bitly/14mr2Rm

PowerConnect Webinar:  Enhancing Telecom Security in the Digital Age - Powernet

Need Fiber?  Let us do the reseach for you!  CTG3

A Must Read If you Want to Protect Your Commissions!  BullsEye Telecom

Security Matters, Regardless of Company Size - EarthLink Business

One Size Doesn't Fit All!  Check Out AT&T Switched Ethernet.  ACC Business

Problems Building a 4G Network for Enterprise Clients?  Bandwave Systems

Telnes Broadband - LinkWatch CloudMonitoring

Global DID:  Unlimited Sessions Promotion - BBCOM

Start Selling CenturyLink Residential Services Today!  Bandwidth Builders

Transbeam Announces New Pricing For EoC And EoF!

Watch Telesphere Tonight on the Hit Reality Show TANKED!

Telarus Reveals Speakers For 2014 Partner Summit

No April Fool's!  Promotion from MegaPath.

Are You Having Issues with Your Current Conferencing Provider?  A+ Conferencing

BCM Promotions:  50% Upfronts on NEW XO Sales*

How Do You Select the Right Cloud Contact Center Solution?  SafeSoft Solutions

Ben Bronston Scors a Hat Trick - Names Best Telecom Lawyer For Third Time In A Row

Partner Blog Archive

Agent garnishes master's carrier commissions to collect $80,000

TotalCall Mobile & MetroPCS battle over free int'l mobile calling plans

Website updates & customer email newsletters, leads - flat monthly rates

Free Telecom Partner Prospect Lists, Pittsburgh Metro & other cities

Synertel Hiring in Northern California

Best telecom sales & marketing practices for agents & partners

Best toll free RespOrg vendors

XO, Netstar, CTG3, NewEdge & Integra tour in Seattle & Portland

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Switched, toll-free & auto order entry embraced by TotalCall / OPEX

"American Idol" shows agents & partners how to sell VoIP & SIP trunks

T-1 quote challenge from TotalCall

How to ensure fixed carrier charges in long term customer contracts

Exclusive WTG agent event in Malibu

New Project Manager Forum tackles commission & provisioning problems

Selling Business Fiber - Vendor Spotlight: Bandwave Systems

Phone bill bombs to alert your customers about this month!

How NuVox + Google + Agents = control of customer accounts

Is Google Voice good for telecom agents and channel partners?

Is Google Voice good for business end-users?

Five things to know about telecom customer prospect lists

Four business video applications

TA's ChannelPartners.TV goes live

2009 Vegas Show survey results

Telarus receives patent on GeoQuote

"Agents, Consultants & Vendors: A profitable Synergy"  TA Webinar

TA Vendor Profile: Intelisys

"QuickStart for New Agents" TA Webinar

Brian Tracy's Telecom Agent Sales Training

Barrel Fishing: How to Catch Sales on Any Budget

Three Big ideas learned at the Vegas Channel Partners trade show

TA's new video blog launched

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Technology when you want it, people when you don't
Telarus is the only master agent that offers patented carrier quoting software when you want it, and back office experts when you don't.  Learn more at

Birch Communications

WCS - Wholesale Carrier Services


Award winning AireSpring offers the leading agent compensation program in the channel and the multi-location products and services your enterprise customers need and demand.

BullsEye is the only provider that offers both POTS and VoIP services to position yourself for now and the future.  We can give your customers a proven path to a safe, simplified and controlled migration to VoIP technology.

SalesReach Telecom is the only app that lets telecom Carriers, Agents, VARS, MSP's get off old fashioned legacy technology and on to  Fully set up, installed and your data is moved from the old systems.  No set up, no programming to do.  Just use the power of with the added features of SalesReach and watch your business boom!!


Recent Vendor Interview White Papers
Accel Networks - How Quick Service Restaurant & Other Distributed Enterprise IT Directors Solve 3G/4G Fixed Wireless Connectivity Problems

Stop Losing Sales to Time Warner Cable by Joining Them Instead of Fighting Them

Before you lose your next deal to a cable rep, take a look at the lucrative option of selling the cable company solutions instead of competing against them.

Click here to learn about selling Time Warner Cable Business Class.

Need Microsoft-in-the-Cloud to Close a Big VoIP Deal? Meet Alteva

Will equipment VARs embrace hosted VoIP that delivers Microsoft apps from "the Cloud"? Click here to learn what Alteva's telling your best lead partners...

Need a Master Agency That Truly Understands How to Integrate VAR Equipment and Network Service? Meet CPI Communications

CPI Communications
CPI's Cale Perry & Diana Tedrow make their case for being the best master agency for equipment VARs and systems integrators. Click here to hear their first interview

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