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Who Can Vote

"Active and independent" telecom agents, auditors, consultants, VARs and or other "1099" business owning individuals who distribute or recommend telecom or data solutions directly to businesses and who have an informed opinion about which solution providers do the best job can become free registered voting members of TA and nominate and vote for those providers qualified to be called the “Members Choice”.

The voting eligible status of all TA members casting ballots will be verified by TA. "Active" is minimally defined as having a publicly accessible business telephone number that answers in the member's name or business. "Independent" is minimally defined as the capability of representing more than one vendor. Only one "voter" per agency is allowed to cast votes. TA reserves for itself the final authority to qualify voters. All votes cast are considered provisional until qualified and accepted by Telecom Association.

Who Can't Vote

W-2 employees, customers, friends and family can not vote. Master Agents can not vote for themselves. Agent managers can not vote for their own company. "Internet only" agents that do not communicate directly with customers can not vote.


Eligibility to Display TA “Members Choice” Award Logos

While any winning vendor may state in written publications that they won a specific TA Members Choice award category, only current paid TA vendor members may display the copyrighted image of any of the TA Members Choice award logos or badges.

In 2010, the award rules were changed so that only currently paid TA vendor members could be nominated to win a Members Choice award. 


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Each year TA's 3,800 members are invited to vote on the best vendors in multiple categories. The vendor receiving the most qualified votes in any category is awarded the "Members Choice". Runners up are awarded "Top 5" and "Top 10" designations.

Past Winners

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Award Categories

Vendor categories change each year. Recent vendor categories included the following:

Master Agency:
Disaster Recovery:
Energy: new
Enhanced Services:
Ethnic Markets:
Fixed Wireless:
Hosted VoIP:
Integrated Access:
Managed Services:
Merchant Services: new
Mobile Wireless:
RespOrg: new
SIP Trunks:
Telecom Expense Management:

Categories are not mutually exclusive. Vendors may be nominated into and win in multiple categories. TA may add additional categories or sub-divide categories as it makes sense for our members.


Who Can Win

Any paid TA vendor member receiving a significant number of nominations by TA members can receive votes and win in any Members Choice category. Vendors need to be a current paid TA vendor to be nominated and win. Only paid TA vendor members may display TA Members Choice award artwork or logos.

About TA

Founded in 1995, Telecom Association (TA) is a membership organization of over 3,500 telecom agents, auditors, distributors, consultants, VARs and managed service providers of telecom, data and IT products and solutions for businesses.

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