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About Telecom Association

Founded in 1995, Telecom Association or "TA" is a professional membership organization of over 3,500 independent telecom and technology solution partners and vendors. TA members and vendors consult with business owners and managers to help them:
  • Identify which telecom and technology services a business currently uses and/or needs,
  • Understand which telecom and technology solutions or services are best suited for their business,
  • Sort through the multitude of vendors offering specific telecom and technology solutions and services, and
  • Analyze, design, select and help install the solution or service that best meets the client's business needs.


About TA's Vendor & Accredited Vendor Programs

Any telecom or technology solution provider with a generally positive industry reputation is eligible to become a Telecom Association vendor. A list of TA's vendors can be viewed at the TA home page.

In order to help TA's members and their business customers better evaluate TA vendors based on TA member peer review, in 2010 TA launched the TA Accredited Vendor program. TA Accredited Vendors have been thoroughly vetted by TA staff and TA subject matter experts who have examined the Accredited Vendor candidate and interviewed TA member and customer references. TA Accredited Vendor status must be renewed each year by TA after re-examining the vendor's TA member and customer references.

To protect the value of the program, TA Accredited Vendor status may be revoked by TA if vendor program deficiencies develop after accreditation is conferred and the discrepancies are not promptly resolved.


Accredited Vendor Requirements

To be listed as an accredited TA vendor in good standing, a TA vendor must:

  • Submit a TA accredited vendor application and accept the TA accredited vendor "Code of Conduct",
  • Respond to inquires from Telecom Association regarding member requests, concerns or complaints,
  • Maintain a professional membership profile with current contact information,
  • Not have unresolved issues with customers or partners that have not been properly addressed,
  • Provide verified recommendations from two end-user customers and two sales partners each year,
  • Deliver 10 hours of continuing professional education for sales partners per year,
  • Have not less than 12 months of verified experience providing telecom & technology solutions, and
  • Be current with TA accredited vendor dues.


Accredited Vendor Code of Conduct

Telecom Association accredited vendors shall:
  1. Actively support the alternate sales channel with appropriate resources and compensation,
  2. Respond to inquires from Telecom Association regarding member requests, concerns or complaints,
  3. Produce or sponsor quality continuing professional education for sales partners,
  4. Not purposefully engage in activities that put sales partners at a disadvantage with direct sales channels.


Contact Telecom Association

To report on a TA vendor that is going "above and beyond" what is required by the vendor code of conduct or to alert Telecom Association about a vendor possibly operating outside this code of conduct, please contact Telecom Association directly using the contact information below.

To become an accredited TA member or to learn more about Telecom Association, please contact:

Kathleen Brown
Executive Administrator
951-296-3870 Tel  
951-848-9062 Fax

Telecom Association, Inc.
40000 Pasadena Drive
Temecula, CA 92591


Become a TA Vendor or Accredited Vendor

If you're a telecom or technology vendor that would like to apply to become a TA vendor or an Accredited Vendor to communicate with TA's 3,500 members,  please contact TA Executive Director Dan Baldwin at Dan@TelecomAssociation.com or 951-251-5155.


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