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By Dan Baldwin, July 3, 2009

Total Call Mobile, a fast-growing prepaid wireless company in the United States, today announced Free International Calling to over 250 locations around the world will be included with Total Call Mobile’s regular Anytime Plan that charges just 10 cents per minute airtime. Free International Calling is now available to all existing Total Call Mobile prepaid customers as well as new prepaid customers.

Previously an additional per minute international charge applied on top the 10 cents per minute airtime charge when calling these 250 international destinations - but not anymore with the Anytime Plan. Total Call Mobile prepaid phones require no credit check and no contract. There are no daily or monthly access fees or hidden fees. The Free International Calling plan of zero extra call charges applies when calling landlines in the 250 international destinations. According to TotalCall's customer service department, extra international call charges still apply when calling cellular numbers in the 250 international destinations.

Free International Calling on the Anytime Plan includes landlines in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, Leon, and many more locations in Mexico, as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Spain, United Kingdom, all totaling over 250 locations worldwide.

A comprehensive list of the Free International Locations is available on the company website or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-550-5265. Total Call Mobile offers Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in-language.

“We are very pleased to announce Free International Calling to these locations as part of the Total Call Mobile program” said Mark Leafstedt, CEO of Total Call Mobile. “As part of our ongoing commitment, we will continue to look for new ways to reward our customers and increase the attractiveness and value of our service.”

The Total Call Mobile Prepaid Plan features the following:

  • Domestic Anytime Minutes at $0.10 per minute

  • Domestic and International Text Messaging at only $0.05 per message

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Direct Dial for all International Calls - no PIN or access code required


MetroPCS Plan Comparison

The TotalCall Mobile plan compares to the MetroPCS plan that allows it's subscribers to pay an extra $5 per month to call "over 1,000 destinations in over 100 countries" for free. To ensure the international number a MetroPCS subscriber  is calling is included on the plan, MetroPCS provides a web page where their subscribers can check a number before calling to make sure the call will really be free.

The primary drawback to the MetroPCS plan is that to be eligible to subscribe a customer needs to be in a MetroPCS town or city. Click here to read a CNET overview of the MetroPCS plan.


Comparison to Other Competitive Plans

Telecom Association has reached out to other experts and competitors to have them compare their similar plans to the ones recently announced by TotalCall Mobile and MetroPCS including NET, Primus, Cricket, TracFone, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA.

If TA members or visitors know of other plans that compare or have an informed (and printable) opinion to share on this matter please contact Dan Baldwin at or 951-251-5155.


Calling Mobile vs. Landline Numbers

When calling any international phone number from their cell phone, most experienced callers know that the price per minute for the call may vary widely depending on whether the number being called in the international country is a cell phone number or a land-line number.

It's very important to check before you make the call. In researching this article I called TotalCall's 24 hour customer service number at 1-800-550-5265 and they were very helpful in checking to see if a number I was calling was a landline number or a mobile number. There are website4s on the Internet that may help like but it's best to confirm with your carrier before you make the call to prevent unpleasant surprises.


Important Note to Readers

It is important that readers of this article know that TotalCall Mobile is a paid vendor member of Telecom Association. TotalCall presented TA with it's press release on their new plan and then asked TA to write a news article on it.  In converting TotalCall's press release into a news article TA compares the service to all other similar services and invites TA members, service users, experts and competitors to offer their views and/or testimonials on this matter. When printable views, opinions and testimony is received TA will update this article and print the submitted content here.


About Total Call Mobile, Inc.

Total Call Mobile, Inc. is a wireless services provider offering prepaid and postpaid wireless voice and data communications services to the largest ethnic groups in the U.S. The company provides advertising and customer service all in native languages including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. As the nation's first multi-ethnic MVNO, Total Call Mobile offers a suite of high-value, low-cost international voice and data services. Total Call Mobile branded phones are available in select retail stores, as well as through wireless agents and dealers. Total Call Mobile is affiliated directly with Total Call International ( ).  For more information on Total Call Mobile visit


For more information about TotalCall or to become a TotalCall telecom agent, channel partner or reseller, please contact:

Jeff Kapner
Total Call Mobile
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