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Best Toll Free RespOrg Vendors
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Last updated June 12, 2009  "Best of TA"

Make Your Toll Free Phone Numbers Work The Way You Need Them to Work!

There's very little mystery in making a business outbound phone call work correctly. Making a business inbound toll free or "800" number work correctly can be a very complicated matter however and should not be trusted to an entity that does not have the best interests of the business at heart. Nothing is more important to a business owner than having the right phone ring when a potential new customer calls their 800 number from an  expensive advertisement.

Many business owners don't realize that they can choose which entity will be the "Responsible Organization" ("RespOrg") to ensure their toll free number(s) work correctly. If a business owner or manager fails to select their own RespOrg, the phone provider providing the toll free service will, in most cases, automatically select themselves to be the RespOrg - not always the best way to go if your 800 number needs to route over different phone carriers or providers.


The "RespOrg" is the "Traffic Cop" for Your 800 Phone Number

Your business may have one toll free or 800 (or 888, 877 or 866) number or several hundred. Each of which may get answered just one way, by one person, or a hundred different ways, by one or more of a hundred different people at different times of the day or week depending on where in the world the toll free number ("TFN") is being dialed from.

The only constant that remains unchanged for a business owner or manager is the fact that the TFN must be answered when it rings by the correct person at the correct time or all the time, energy and resources invested in getting the TFN to ring in the first place (and the chance to earn a new business customer) can be lost.

TA Members Select the "Best Toll Free RespOrg Vendors"

While the following list is subject to change, following are the "Best Toll Free RespOrgs" a business owner can select to make sure their TFN works correctly all the time. This list is based on TA member recommendations and/or end-user customer testimonials as well as TA staff research. Click here to offer content upgrades.


#1 - TMC's "Be Your Own RespOrg" Service
TMC's "Be Your Own RespOrg" ("BYOR") service provides a unique opportunity for business customers with larger inbound call centers or multiple TFNs to have direct control of all the routing options to effect immediate change when needed. It's the ultimate disaster recovery solution.
Normally, when a TFN customer orders a change to a TFN they must call their provider or independent RespOrg and then wait hours or days for the ordered change to take effect.

With TMC's BYOR service, the TFN customer simply goes online to the SMS/800 database and makes the change themselves and eliminates having to waiting for their carrier or independent RespOrg to make the change.

TMC Sales Engineer Jessica Brown

The only other way for a TFN customer to get this much control is to contact SMS/800, Inc. and incur the expenses associated with getting an employee trained so the customer can become a ResOrg.

While having the toll free service provider also be the toll free RespOrg is sometimes thought of as a conflict, this is not generally the case with TMC because once TMC gives their BYOR customers the "RespOrg keys", the customer is no longer asking TMC to make TFN changes, the customer is making the changes themselves. TMC provides the customer with the software and training to "Be their own RespOrg".

Additionally, because TMC is a "reseller" type toll free service provider, TMC has multiple redundant carrier networks for their TFN customer to choose from. TMC actively encourages their customers to diversify over different voice networks to ensure the highest possible "up time" even when one carrier network has an outage.

TMC has provided its BYOR service to TMC business customers since 2005. Currently 46 TMC business customers have elected to "become their own RespOrgs". TMC has 38 employees and is based in Santa Barbara, California.

To learn more about TMC's BYOR service please contact an authorized TMC agent. If you're interested in becoming an authorized TMC agent so you can provide TMC's BYOR service to your TFN customers please visit or call 866-999-1133.

#2 - ATL RespOrg Services
As possibly the first independent RespOrg service provider, ATL Communications ("ATL") has led the industry by developing and providing sophisticated multi-carrier toll-free number portability and least cost routing services.

ATL Communications was founded in 1991 by Aelea Christofferson (the "Queen of RespOrg") after a successful career with Pacific Bell. While with Pacific Bell, Aelea served as representative to the national committee which defined the RespOrg and developed toll free number portability. Today Aelea consults with carriers, end users, consultants and the FCC on complex issues concerning toll free numbers.

ATL reports that they have almost 300 business customers using ATL's independent RespOrg services.

ATL customer testimonials can be viewed at their website and include many phone service carriers like Comcast and others.

TA member testimonials for ATL come from Bill Quimby of (the "Toll Free King") and TA founder Dan Baldwin who has used ATL for his own toll free business customers in the past.

For more information about ATL's independent RespOrg services please visit ATL's web page or call them at 800-398-5777.

#3 - OnCall LLC
Originally founded in 2004, OnCall is a independent Resporg provider run by Steve Taylor out of Paris, Texas. Before starting OnCall, Steve was the VP of Operations for Red River Networks out of Oklahoma.

OnCall reports having 89 business customers. OnCall provides competitive pricing for their customers. OnCall's RespOrg ID from SMS/800 is OAK01.

TA member testimonials for OnCall come from Bill Quimby of (the "Toll Free King").

For more information about OnCall's independent RespOrg services please visit OnCall's web page or call 800-986-2501 or 800-861-0757 or send an email to

#4 -
Bill Quimby of (the "Toll Free King") is not actually trying to be an independent RespOrg competing against the likes of TMC, ATL or OnCall but has made himself kind of the independent RespOrg of last resort for business customers that order a TFN through his service and keep/use OPEX as the service provider for the TFN.

Since TMC, ATL and OnCall all charge for their independent RespOrg services and Bill does not, that makes's Bill service the winner for small TFN customers who don't really need to do a lot of routing or make changes but still want to be with an independent RespOrg to "protect their number" from loss.

TA member testimonials for Bill and come from TA founder Dan Baldwin who has used Bill's services for his own business and for his business customer clients.

Bill started in 1995, and his company employs three people. Bill appears to have several thousand customers that have used his services over the years and it seems he may have a testimonial from every one of them.

For more information about's services please visit their website or call 1-800-MARKETER.

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