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Turn Wireless, LLC provides fixed broadband wireless internet services in southern California, and the greater Los Angeles area.  Founded with the vision of offering greater more flexible choices in internet products, Turn Wireless has grown a portfolio of services spanning across multiple business practices.

With a network built to last we offer dedicated customer support and service level agreements that help make our network reliable and consistent.  As our coverage areas continue to grow we look forward to driving more and more enhanced technology and services to our customers and partners from end to end.

Partnering Towards Success

From our customers and channel to service providers and technology partners, Turn Wireless is always working to build a better network.  Take advantage of our partner incentive programs in addition to building greater revenues for your own business.  Look at our partner programs and see which one fits you the best.

customer referrals

Just add your name in the "referred by" field during the sign up process and get $50.  Thanks for the referral, either on-line or on the phone make it worth your while.



channel agents

Providing high speed internet access just got a lot easier for everyone.  Sign up and become a Authorized Turn Wireless channel  partner today.  Start turning your customers wireless today.

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6th Day of Telecom - Turn's "Voice Over Fixed Wireless"   
The Turn Wireless "Voice Over Fixed Wireless" service lets agents loose the telco local loop!  Contact John Augustine or Robert Patlan | 805-620-3108 | |


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