AireSpring October Promo Special   Long Distance T-1/PRI CASH BONUS



  • Promotion runs from October 1 - October 31, 2006.
  • Minimum one year term for LD. 2 year term for Local and DIA.
  • Tiered rates do not qualify for bonus commissions.
  • Cash bonuses and any gift promotions are for New T-1s only. Renewals and moves qualify for bonus residual commissions and regular commissions only.
  • LD T-1s or each circuit on a DS-3 require minimum $800 per month voice usage commitment per T-1.
  • LD T-1s or each circuit on a DS-3: Eligibility for cash bonus is based on an average usage of $800 per month per T-1 FOR SIX MONTHS or five full bills and is payable after the sixth bill.
  • LD T-1s or each circuit on a DS-3: If, at the end of the 1 year period, customer's average billing for the 2nd-12th month was less than $800, a pro-rated chargeback will be charged to agent's commissions.
  • LD T-1s or each circuit on a DS-3: Bonus amount is intended to be paid on accounts that average at least $800 in monthly commissionable usage over a one year period.
  • LOCAL T-1s: Cash bonus is payable after the third month's billing. No average usage requirement.
  • Only credit approved and installed circuits are eligible.
  • If customer cancels prior to the expiration of their term they signed up for, or is disconnected for non-payment, a pro-rated portion of the bonus will be charged back to agent's commission.
  • Standard retail pricing must be used. Any non-standard special pricing will not qualify for the bonus unless specifically stated in writing from AireSpring.
  • Usage is defined as commissionable voice usage only (not including taxes, MRC’s, etc.)
  • AireSpring reserves the right to verify that all orders conform to the intent and guidelines of this promotion.
  • Orders must be received within the time frames specified above and/or within the month of this promotion to qualify.
  • Agents have 7 days after month end to change any order from last month’s promo to this month’s promo, to take advantage of higher commission bonuses, etc. However, if changing an order, all factors must match the new promo, including NRCs, etc. if the new month’s promo does not include a promotional NRC, then the order, if changed, would no longer be eligible for the promotional NRC from the prior month.

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