ATEL Communications, Inc.

TA Vendor Member since July 2007

Andrew Cohen

8447 Miramar Mall
San Diego, CA 92121

858-646-4605 direct
858-646-4680 fax

ATEL Communications, Inc. is a telecom service master agency that acts as the outsourced "network services division" for IT equipment and/or solution providers that want to make money when their clients purchase network services.  If your firm sells IT equipment or IT value added solutions and you need a trustworthy partner to make competent voice and data network service recommendations to your clients, that you will profit from, give ATEL a call.

ATEL "sweet spots" include: All local T-1 dial tone (PRI, Supertrunk, SIP trunks, etc), all types and speeds of wired and wireless broadband Internet access, and VoIP IP-PBX equipment solutions.

Podcast: "20 Questions" with ATEL's Andrew Cohen

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Get More Equipment Partner Leads with ATEL's Cash for Equipment Program
Data VARs and Equipment Integrators: Get up front cash for business phone systems and data network equipment. To get more information about ATEL's ExpenseRecoveryTM Solution or to see how much up front ERS cash your customer or prospect can qualify for, please contact Andrew Cohen at 858-646-4605 or

Learn "Sticky Strategies" at September Channel Partner Show in D.C.
Going to the show? TA's Dan Baldwin will be sharing how ATEL Communications is "staying sticky" with their business end-user customers by integrating social media effectively using customer blogs, email newsletters and more. Click here for more info.

Sell IP-PBX Phone Systems, MPLS, Dial Tone & Internet Through One Great Master Agent - ATEL   
ATEL's Allworx IP-PBX Sells Itself.  To distribute Allworx phone systems through ATEL, contact Andrew Cohen, VP, 858-646-4605, or

12th Day of Telecom - ATEL's Allworx IP-PBX   
ATEL's Allworx IP-PBX Sells Itself.  To distribute Allworx phone systems through ATEL, contact Andrew Cohen, VP, 858-646-4605, or

How to be Number One on Google Searches - Register Now for Seminar by a Google Search Expert   
Would business be better if your website came up on the first page of a Google search?  Watch the video here to learn more or call 858-646-4605.  Seminar March 25 in Los Angeles; March 27 in San Diego.

VENDOR VIDEO:  The Three Flavors of VoIP that Businesses Successfully Use Today 
Learn the difference between the three different types of business-grade VoIP to understand which is best for your business.  Questions? Contact Andrew Cohen at 858-646-4655.

Meet the IP-PBX Master Agent at the Channel Partners Show    
Whether you want to sell hosted VoIP, IP-PBX or the new "hybrid" VoIP, Andrew Cohen of ATEL Communications is the master agent you want to partner with .   Call Andrew Cohen 858-220-6577 or email

Carrier Will Pay for your Customer's Phone Equipment Upgrade!   
ATEL and PAETEC's Equipment for Services (EFS) program turns phone bills into financed business equipment and software packages.  Need help right now?  Call Dan Baldwin 858-646-4655 or email

$319 CA Full 1.5m DIA Service from ATEL
High Speed Internet T1 for most major California markets only.  $319.95 (price includes the LOOP); very high commission; fast installs.  Call 888-642-6030 for full details now or visit

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