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Fritz Kreiss, President
Alternative Utility Services, Inc.

750 Veterans Parkway, Suite 104
Lake Geneva, WI  53147

262-248-9005 fax
email:  info@ausagent.com
url:  www.ausagent.com

AUS incorporated in 1993 to market utilities across the country.  It grew out of a research and development group designing and building modular cogeneration units which burned natural gas and generated electricity onsite (now called distributed generation).  AUS markets deregulated utilities across the country through independent agents and consultants.  AUS reviews the clientís needs and then source suppliers and pricing from multiple sources for the Agent to present.

  1. Natural Gas.

  2. Electricity

  3. Bill auditing and rate analysis is available nationwide on a consulting basis.

  4. Utility Tracking

  5. Energy services- Demand side management to onsite power generation.

Whether you are an Independent Agent, Master Agency, Solutions Provider or best fit as a Referral Partner, we can help you develop new sources of revenue and develop a highly profitable business.  If you arenít offering solutions in energy to your customers- your direct competitor might be! 

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Maximize your upside!  Energy Procurement with your multi-location clients in mind.   http://bit.ly/tD01Pj




Master Agencies - NEW special incentives maximize your upside.   http://bit.ly/vqZk9F


If you want to make money in energy, you need more than getting a price.   http://bit.ly/ehpyrd
You need the right kind of support. Count on AUS.  We have been making agents look good for more than 17 years. So join the team. With AUS, you'll always know where you stand.  It all starts at www.ausagent.com


You Can Sell the Sun... for free   
... and STILL end up with a nice commission.  If you have clients who want to go green, you need to give AUS a call TODAY.  262-248-0952 | sun.ausagent.com |  Join us!  Contact us now: www.ausagent.com.  Hear us LIVE at:  www.ausagent.com.


Energy procurement strategies that make you money!   
AUS has done energy procurement since 1993. While other guys "roll out" new programs, we keep rolling in new clients. Where are you looking to grow? We have the solutions your clients need.  Join us!  Contact us now: www.ausagent.com.  Hear us LIVE at:  www.ausagent.com.


We don't pull money out of thin air... it just feels like we do.   
Alternative Utility Services has saved thousands of clients millions of dollars by brokering the b est deals for electricity and natural gas, and by creating smart energy management plans that cut waste.  Join us!  Contact us now: www.ausagent.com.  Hear us LIVE at:  www.ausagent.com.


If your clients turn on lights - you can make money!   
Your clients are getting robbed; by their own building.  If you are not selling them AUS energy solutions, big commissions are going up in smoke.  Contact us now: www.ausagent.com.  Hear us LIVE at:  www.ausagent.com.


Channel Recruiter Wanter   
Recruit agents nationwide to sell energy.  Contact us now: www.taa.ausagent.com.  Hear us LIVE at:  www.ausagent.com.


A lot of new people are jumping into the energy business - AUS has been in it for 16 years.   
Since 1993, Alternative Utility Services has saved thousands of clients millions of dollars by brokering the best deals for electricity, natural gas and energy efficiency.  Significant savings, enhanced security, peace of mind... oh, and by the way, all at no cost to the client.  Think you can sell that?  | www.ausagent.com |


Add Energy to Your Telecom Sales Using Master Energy Agent with 10 years Experience.   
Agents and Referral Partners: If you're not offering AUS energy procurement and management to your customers, you're leaving big money on the table every time.  Hear AUS president Fritz Kreiss interviewed LIVE at www.ausagent.com.


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