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Intelisys is the only telecom Master Agency focused exclusively on supporting the Channelís top-producing sales agents.  We specialize in providing a broad suite of telecom value-based solutions to ensure the top-producing agentís success.  Our services include a complete selection of carrier voice and data services, wireless and wired access, auxiliary services such as voice and web conferencing, mobility solutions, and Intelisysí proprietary telecom asset management tool, Audex.

Since our inception in 1994, our growth is a result of the unique formula of recruiting top-producing agents, capitalizing on industry trends, and most importantly, providing exceptional operational and back-office support.  This formula has positioned Intelisys as the recognized thought leader in the telecommunications independent sales channel.

Agent Inquiries

Christina Dumlao
Director of Marketing

1318 Redwood Way, Suite 120
Petaluma, CA 94954

707-792-4908 fax  

    Mike McKenney Photo

Interview transcript
  Mike McKenney
Vice-President Partner Sales

Sample Providers
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TA Founder's Review by Dan Baldwin

Founded in 1994, Intelisys has worked hard at establishing itself as "the" master agency for "top producing agents". Of course that's the dream of every aspiring master agency. Others have tried only to wither away.

Fifteen years later Intelisys continues to stake its claim to being the best master agency for top producers. And what does Intelisys offer as proof? People.

The primary reason agents do business through a master agency in the first place is to get support in closing deals and access to the best carriers and commissions. What is the number one thing a master agency needs in order provide what agents need? People - lots of people, and that's what Intelisys has.

Listen to the interview Intelisys VP Mike McKenney gives at the top of this page. His answer to question five says it all, "The support Intelisys provides to its Sales Partners and their end-users is superior.  The highest support staff to Partner ratio in the industry.  Exclusive SWAT Program to assist our Sales Partners in closing their large and complex sales."

You want to compare master agencies? Compare the number of W2 employees they have on staff to help you. That's the measure that matters. If you're looking for the support worthy or a "Top Performer" give Intelisys a call.

Below are photos of Intelisys people standing by to help you. Click here to read their bios and job descriptions.

For more information about becoming an Intelisys agent contact:

Christina Dumlao
Director of Marketing

1318 Redwood Way, Suite 120
Petaluma, CA 94954

707-792-4908 fax  


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