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Outstanding Issues

1. Two Phone Extension Numbers Hunting Together

  • Karan says the to extensions can be blocked from hunting together
  • Will confirm with Katrina that hunting is occurring


2. Lack of "Call Announce"

  • The Call Assistant screen shows the callerID
  • IdentaPhone's IdentaPop Pro works with Allworx & can auto-pop onto computer screen the callID


3. Other employees know each other's "Private Extension Numbers"

  • Change current private extension numbers & don't let each other know what they are & don't allow employees to access Call Manager or Call Assistant


4. Other Office's Can't Distinguish Outside Calls from Borton Calls

  • This will resolve after all offices are "on net" & all inter office calls are 4-digit extension calls


5. Appearance of User's "Private Extension" on Call Assistant


6. Incoming Intercom Call Interrupting Existing Call

  • Confirm this is correct
  • Disable intercom auto answer (option h). Ask Allworx if it can be set to auto disable only if "off hook"


7. Incoming Extension Call Interrupting Existing Call

  • Disable ringing to second call if "off hook"


8. No NEC "#" Requires Internal Caller to leave VM

  • Use internal IM to have other call you back?

 9. Staff Lacks Understanding About what Phones Can & Can't Do
  • Schedule follow-up Allworx training with staff

10. Some Users Request Different Ring-Tones

  • This can be done by the administrator to one of seven tones

11. "Presence" Status Not Shown for Receptionists on Call Assistant

  • Give receptionists "Call Manager"
  • Non-in office presences indicated by "DND"?

12. Call Assistant Shows Too Many Unwanted Extensions
  • Karan says this can not be changed. Perhaps on new release when it shows all locations


13. Re-Organizing Call Assistant Tabs (so "calls" is next to "directory")

  • Karan says this can not be done

n. "Is Allworx Login Name" Customizable? - Katrina does not like the FirstnameLastinitial that was chosen as all their other userIDs are firstinitiallastname. Is this changable? Can the other Borton locations be different? I will ask Allworx. Yes.
o. "Disable Dial-Pad Pop-up?" on Call Assistant Issue - The receptionist Joyce noticed that when she was dialing a user's number the "dial pad" would pop-up on the Call Assistant screen and prevent here from scrolling on the directory and she had to constantly click the "x" to close the dial-pad pop-up to complete here reception call transfers. I will ask Allworx. No. Designed to be all CA or not. Use headset.
p. "Name Caller ID?" Issue - The attorneys asked if the outbound or inbound caller ID on the call history/detail in Call Assistant can be appended with the name associated with the numberic caller ID. If the number is associated with a name in MS Outlook or the Allworx system speed dial would that do it? No. But this can be done with IdentaPop
q. "VM to Email" Issue - An attorney wanted to know how to get a VM WAV file emailed to him and/or some other VM alert emailed to him when he got an email. He aslo wanted additional info about any 3rd party VM to text services I know of. I will ask & follow up.   Who made the inquiry?  Yes.
r. "Auto Release From Hold" Issue - Angie stated the receptionists were accidentally disconnecting callers on hold when cradling and picking up the handset after transfering one caller. It is determined that the "auto release from hold" can be disabled. this is user programmable "option o" on page 20 of the phone guide. This option can and should be disabled to eliminate this problem for the receptionists.
s. "Intercom Breaks up Existing Speakerphone Call" Issue - When a user is using the speakerphone during a call, the call is made unintelligible by the "intercom alert" that rings just prior to an intercom call that comes in. I will ask Allworx about this.
t. "No Call Screen Option for Direct dialed Calls" Issue - This feature was highly valued on their previous phone system. I will inquire as to whether it will be available on future Allworx software releases.
u. "Dialtone Hangups in VM" Issue - Users are reporting multiple instances of VM messages consisting of nothing but dialtone as if the caller decided to hang up instead of leaving a message. this is very annoying to the users. It is suspected (based on comments made by Steve Anderson) that the building temporary dial tone does not have strong supervision to the point where calls are promptly disconnected after a caller hangs up. I will ask users if this problem persists after switching to the TPAC PRI.
v. "Max Number of Parked Calls" Available? - A total of nine simultaneous calls can be parked at once in slots 701 through 709.
w. "Compatible Headsets?" - Katrina wants to know what headsets are recommended to go with the reception phone. I will ask Allworx about this.
Dear Dan:
We experienced another issue today with the telephones.  When someone is on the telephone on speaker the Intercom call "busts" into the phonecall then the person is stuck with a caller on the telephone and then the caller on the Intercom.  This happened with two different people today.  Is there a way to demote the Intercom so the phonecall has priority?  Please let me know if you need any further information.
Thank you,
Angie Cliffman 

I'll add it to the list. I think the best immediate resolution would be to disable "option h" on page 19 which is "Intercom Auto Answer" for those people who use their speaker phone for their calls.
With option h disabled, the intercom call would still ring in but would only get answered, I believe, if the user put the speakerphone call on hold and then picked up the intercom call. With option h disabled the intercom call would not automatically get answered by the speaker.
Let me know if you think this will solve the issue.
Dan Baldwin


Dear Dan:
Actually, what was bothering the staff was the "beep beep beep" the Intercom call was making.  Also, this particular disable (Intercom Auto Answer) causes no Intercom voice announce even when you are NOT on the phone.  That will not work with the receptionists as well as everytime receptionist try to announce a call, the user has to hit the Intercom button all day. 
We set the phones to flash the Intercom when they are on the phone (no "beep beep beep") and re-enabled the Intercom Auto Answer for voice announce.  This should be a suitable compromise I hope.  I appreciate your prompt reply and your endless patience.
Dear Dan:
Hope this day finds you well.  I have a question about redial.  Redial gets you the last call you made, but in our old system there was a button that stored the last five numbers you dialed and you would pick which one of the five numbers you wanted and hit pound and it would dial that number. 
For a minute today I had my Calls button available, but now that my phone is clear of calls, my Calls button is unavailable.  I found in my Calls button area I could redial different numbers from there.  So another question would be do we never clear the calls that are stored in the Calls area to have functionality to redial more than one number?  Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Angie Cliffman
Call Assistant


TelePacific (TPAC) Installation Status

The PRI & Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) T1s are partially installed. An off-site "vendor meet" between TPAC & AT&T is scheduled for  today. Once that meet takes place (and the T1s are fixed), it is assumed that TPAC will come back to the Borton office and confirm the PRI & DIA is working to your IT room. The name of the senior TPAC installer from yesterday was Ty. His cell number is 661-335-2086. Ty said the PRI will come out of the TPAC device from the connection marked "T1 0/4" and the DIA from the connection marked "Ethernet 01".

TPAC reports that the 3.0 MPLS connection will be delivered next week. 

TPAC reports that the TPAC POTs lines that will replace the temporary building POTs lines you now have for the fax lines. Matt & Jessica were discussing the exact count of the TPAC POTs lines. The following is the list I was tracking:

a. 5 fax lines (one eachto replace main/322-4628, accounting/322-4231, HR/322-6467, admin/322-4959 and a new fax line for outgoing faxes)
b. 1 alarm line
c. 1 "911" line to go into the Allworx for emergency backup.

Once these TPAC POTs lines are in place then the temporary building POTs lines for faxes (616-0288, 0289 & 0290) can be cancelled.

Jessica reports that the official "port" of the old AT&T number that will be kept (when the number tranfer from AT&T to TPAC and they are no longer "forwarded") will take place next week. I believe this is mostly an invisible process but Jessica will let you know what you need to know. I believe the following numbers are being ported but Jessica will need to confirm this with you.


a. 661-322-4628, your main number.  Our main number is 661-322-3051.  The number you listed is our fax number.

b. 661-395-6700, your "back line" number. Currently this number is ringing unanswered because it is no longer connected to the NEC. Because it was a AT&T "DID" number it is not possible to put call forwarding on it. Once it is ported, I believe Steve Anderson will be able to direct Matt to "point" it directly at the Allworx auto-attendent.
c. 661-322-4628, main incoming fax. Currently pointed at temporary building POTs line 661-616-0288 on data port 127.
d. 661-322-4231, accounting fax. Currently pointed at temporary building POTs line 661-616-0289 on data port 130.
e. 661-322-6467, HR fax. Currently pointed at temporary building POTs line 661-616-0290 on data port 131.
f. 661-322-4959, admin fax. Currently pointed at temporary building POTs line 661-616-0290 on data port 131. There was a discussion between myself and Matt that once this port happened and the number was attached to an actual TPAC POTs line it would be connected to the fax machine in Carrie's office.

g. 616-322-4664, was a fax line but Katrina said it would not be used and could be a spare. Matt said this ported line would likely be used for the outbound fax machine over data port 128.   Correct--can be used for new outgoing fax. 
h. 616-322-9035, was a fax line but Katrina said it would not be used and could be a spare. Matt said this ported line would likely be used for the alarm line.   This line can be used for the alarm line. 

Other than these 8 POTs lines to be ported to TPAC from AT&T I believe one additional POTs line has or needs to be ordered from TPAC to be the "911" backup analogu line in the Allworx. This POTs/port information may be superceded by direct conversations between Matt and essica that I was not privy to.

Allworx Installation Status

The Allworx is currently working with 9 temporary POTs lines from the building. The main Borton number 661-322-3051 is call forwarded to the temporary main hunt number 661-616-0291. the max number is incoming calls that can be received is 9. The max number of outbound calls that can be made is 3. The 9 POTs lines from the building connected to the Allworx, in order, are: 616-0292, 0311, 0294, 0299, 0306, 0307, 0308, 0309 &0310. (The pilot number 661-616-0291 is a "phantom" building number that actually points to 661-616-0292).

Once TPAC confims the PRI is operating properly, Steve Anderson and Matt need to communicate on the phone to make sure any necessary Allworx system programming changes to confirm that all 23 PRI talk paths ae available for both incoming and outgoing calls. I assume Jessica will co-ordinate the communications between Steve & Matt.

Once the PRI is determined to be working properly in the Allworx Steve will likely direct Matt to remove 8 of the 9 temporary building POTs lines from the Allworx. (One POTs line should stay in the Allworx for the "911" backup line until the TPAC "911" POTs line shows up to take its place.) Please have Matt set the loaned Allworx analogue expansion unit safely aside for return to ATEL along with the NEC unit.


From Katrina

1.    When dialing an extension number, the phone rings even if the person is on the other line and too many times.  I know we can shorten the number of rings and have the second line flash, but if the other line flashes, it only flashes and never rings even if you aren't on the other line;so if you are not looking at your phone, you miss that call.  If the person doesn't answer, we are required to leave a message in the voice mail which the individual then must retrieve and listen to.  This is time consuming for both the caller and the person being called when calling internally.  When calling each other on our NEC phones, we could simply hit the # key and it would leave a call back number on the screen--fast and easy.  We understand that we can call and hang up and our extension will be in the call list, IF we think to look there for missed calls. 
IM instead?
2.    Calls made to extensions via the intercom button come through even if the caller is on the phone, so the person calling on the intercom can hear the individual's phone calls.  This is rude, inappropriate when calling people in Human Resources, partners or other management personnel, and will be a real problem when 135 people are using the intercom to call each other statewide [OMG!].  Can this be changed or disabled?  This makes call transferring easier for receptionists rather than transferring twice or parking, but creates the same problem for the person being called.
Disable intercom auto answer (option h). Ask Allworx if it can be set to auto disable if off hook.
3.    Not having call screening is a real problem on calls from outside the Firm.  We were totally unaware that there was no call screening.  We printed business cards with "direct line" extensions before we moved [planning ahead].  That means clients and anyone else provided a card can call and we would not know who was calling without looking at the screen--if they have caller ID.  Without looking at the screen, there is no way to tell whether the call is an internal or external call.  The Redlands office was complaining after the phones were installed that they didn't know if the calls were internal or external, but we didn't understand.  Now we know.  When the Bakersfield backline number [661-395-6700] is ported next week, our attorneys here are going to be very upset.  I will be meeting with them tomorrow to prepare them.  The only workaround we know is to change the published extension numbers and instruct our staff to call the number ID'd on the phones as the "private line" when calling internally, so we will know immediately if the call is internal or external.  This extension number needs to be renamed--assume we can do that on the console.  We must be able to manage our calls/time and not let callers manage our time.  This is especially important for attorneys who may be on a critical project, and then get calls from sales people, other attorneys, etc.
Caller ID to pop on computer screen using TAPI? When all offices on-net & dialing 4-digit extensions then they will know if "internal call"?
4.    The call assistant was also a rude awakening because it allows everyone to see who everyone else is talking to.  Which means staff can see who management is talking to, who partners are talking to, monitor their calls, etc.  Absolutely NOT good.  The work around is the call manager [I hope I have the 2 straight] although the call assistant was already trained and installed for some the attorneys.  We have now had to uninstall and install call manager.
Need another in office training on phones & call assistant & then create robust training video for other offices.
Before we deploy any other offices, we need to have a better understanding of how the phones operate, how we use them internally statewide, who has rights to do what, and give proper training and instructions in advance.  You must remember that we had a brief demonstration of the phones months before they were finally purchased and installed, and the brochure doesn't show how they actually work--just gives functions.
All of this being said, understand that we know Atel has worked very hard and has unexpected expenses for the Bakersfield installation.  We, too, have suffered because the installation did not go as planned and also have additional expenses, including additional expense for phone and MPLS network from what was originally proposed and accepted.  We believe, however, that most if not all of this could have been avoided by better communication, better understanding of the phone operation and programming, and ordering our installation before the last day, which gave us absolutely no breathing room for the problems we encountered.