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Jennifer Thatcher
1277 Lenox Park Blvd, #4D43
Atlanta, GA  30319

phone:  678-679-3722
email:  jt5535@att.com
website:  accbusiness.com/
partner website:  accbusiness.com/for-agents/

ACC Business relies primarily on strong relationships with independent agents to represent us in the market. We have built our agent program to provide agents with essential support and information. As an ACC Business agent you will receive:

  • Attractive, timely commissions paid on billed revenue

  • Competitive rates

  • Enhanced sales tools and customer-ready materials available real-time through the Agent Info Master (A.I.M.) online tool

  • Online tracking of order status and commission statements

  • Professional support from dedicated agent managers

  • Access to a specialized customer care team dedicated to agents and their customers

Read what our current agents are saying about us.

To learn how to become an ACC Business agent, call 1-877-419-9669, or drop us an e-mail today.

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This video shares how ACC Business offers their agent partners a 30 year track record and a 100% agent driven company. Agents get dedicated agent manager, a US based support team available 24/7 even after the sale and all service calls are answered by live people not machines. All telco customer services ride the acclaimed AT&T Global Network.


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