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Richard Boudria, Jr.
Agent Sales Director

550 Hills Drive
Bedminster, NJ  07921

Phone:  908-470-4723
Mobile:  973-214-2768
Toll Free:  888-866-7266
Email:  rboudria@bcntele.com
Website:  www.bcntele.com
Partner Website:  click here

BCN Telecom is a privately held telecom service provider with corporate headquarters in Bedminster, NJ.  For 18 years, BCN Telecom has provided price competitive quality telecommunications services with an emphasis on serving business customers.  BCN Telecom continues to grow its business through robust organic sales activity from its long standing network of independent sales partner relationships.   Utilizing its financial strengths and management capabilities, BCN Telecom also continues to expand its business through strategic acquisition activities.  BCN Telecom proudly services thousands of customers and partners with hundreds of agents on a nationwide basis.  BCN Telecom offers an extensive product and service portfolio which accesses over 50 unique network partners into a single source telecommunications solution for its customers.

The Benefits of the BCN Telecom Offering:

Enterprise Based Solutions:  BCN Telecom engages with customers and agents to provide a single source comprehensive telecommunication solution.  We work with our agents to create a unique and customized solution for the opportunity at hand.  With our extensive product and service offering, BCN Telecom can provide a solution that delivers multiple services spanning traditional networks.  The BCN Telecom solution brings the best of all network services together into a single customer centric solution.  Be it legacy TDM voice services, converged voice and data services, IP access of any and all types or Hosted VoIP services – BCN Telecom can meet the needs of customers and agents.

Single Point of Contact and Support:  In the event a customer or agent has a service modification request, billing inquiry or makes a service repair request, rest assured that you will be contacting a professionally staffed, resolution focused customer support organization at BCN Telecom.  Located in Bedminster, NJ and staffed with seasoned telecom professionals, customers and agents can expect to engage directly with a support and repair specialist who will handle their needs across all network services.  Automated voice recognition systems and long hold times are not part of the BCN Telecom service experience – we are driven and committed to live-body communications within 10 seconds of receiving a call.

Hard and Soft Cost Savings:  Leveraging its abundance of network options and our stellar reputation as a financially sound trading partner, BCN Telecom is positioned to deliver competitive pricing for all services.  Hard cost savings are clearly presented and demonstrated through the proposal process and ultimately manifests in the customer’s monthly invoicing.  Soft Cost savings under the BCN Telecom solution are “real” and abundant when fully explored.  Soft Cost savings are driven by the reduction of the time and resource requirements for a customer to manage a single high-quality service provider versus a pool of ineffective service providers.  Monthly payables processing requirements are reduced to a single vendor environment.  Customers and agents only need to manage a single-point of contact for all their service and support interactions.

Consolidated Billing:  Regardless of what product your customer requires, which underlying network solution is utilized or where your customer is located, BCN Telecom can bring all services together on one easy to read monthly account invoice.  Customers can receive a paper invoice, email invoice or CD invoicing.  Account payments can be easily processed online, via credit card, ACH or by check.  Since BCN Telecom is the service provider, customer invoices can be further customized using numerous available invoice formats and presentations.   BCN Telecom offers individual account billing, location billing or corporate billing options.

In summary, the BCN Telecom solution is the best solution available for customers and agents.  Our proven 18 year track record of a robust product offering, competitive pricing and outstanding service and support makes BCN Telecom the right choice.  Our solutions-focused approach can be seen in everything we do.  Be it working with an agent to create an effective proposal, to processing orders in a timely and accurate manner, or responding to service and support events - our primary focus and goal is achieving a positive outcome for each agent and customer we interact with.


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