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Finally Takes The Mystery Out of Auto-Renewal Clauses

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September 21, 2011

Automatic-renewal clauses in telecom contracts have become a contentious issue in the indirect channel. Many partners are facing new challenges from auto-renewals; increasingly, carriers and service providers are adding onerous requirements into their customer agreements, including auto-renewal provisions that extend the customer's contractual obligations for periods of one year or more, with little or no notice. As a result, Ben Bronston is releasing a survey of statutes, legislation and cases for each of the 50 states.

Ben's new survey is a compilation of publicly available legislation, statutes and cases for each state that breaks down the laws relating to auto-renewal clauses and, in some cases, telecom contracts. Courts and legislatures within each state have dealt with the issue differently so there is no uniform legal precedent regarding the enforceability of automatic renewal clauses. The information is available at for $199.99.

Ben Bronston is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecommunications and related technology law and regulation. For more than 20 years, Ben has developed an extensive knowledge of legal and regulatory issues affecting a variety of telecommunications and technology companies, including agents, carriers, resellers and cloud service providers. You can reach Ben at (888) 469-0579 or

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