Question:  Who's The Premier Telecom M&A Lawyer?

Answer:  Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer

If you're thinking about buying another company or its assets, or selling your company or customer base, don't waste your money on a lawyer who hasn't devoted his entire career to telecom.  Call the telecom lawyer who has done more deals than anyone else. Call Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer

Simply put, Ben is the most accomplished M&A lawyer in the telecom space - his experience is unparalleled.  Ben began his telecom M&A odyssey in the early 90's, representing the old LDDS Communications in numerous acquisitions and hundreds of internal mergers.  He later became the "go to" M&A lawyer of choice for dozens of long distance, local and international providers in transactions involving billions of dollars.  Ben continues to represent communications companies in diverse commercial transactions, such as asset purchases, mergers and debt financings.  He has substantial experience in all areas of telecom M&A, including but not limited to document drafting, negotiations, structuring, valuations, due diligence and regulatory approvals.  More recently, Ben has been the most active lawyer in the buying and selling of telecom agencies, having led several of the most high profile agency acquisitions in the past few years.

Don't tie the fate of your business to anyone other than the unquestioned leader.  When you hire Ben, you are ensuring that your purchase or sale transaction is handled with meticulous skill and care.  Give yourself the advantage at the negotiating table.  For sound advice and representation when you're considering buying or selling, contact Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer today.

Ben Bronston is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecom and technology law.  Whether you're a master agent, reseller, hosted VoIP provider, cloud company, VAR, data center or TEM consultant, Ben's full-service telecom law practice can help you achieve your business goals.  Ben has the legal knowledge, technological understanding and practical business experience to provide comprehensive and effective telecom legal services at an affordable price.  Why settle for anyone other than the industry leader?  Call Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer today!

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