Telecom M&A: 
 Nobody Does It Better Than Ben Bronston

      Want to buy or sell a service provider or agency?  Need help taking on an investor or negotiating with lenders.  Start by calling Ben Bronston.  Nobody does it better than Ben:

  • The most accomplished lawyer in telecom.

  • The most active lawyer in buying and selling both service providers and agencies.

  • Served as counsel in hundreds of M&A deals worth billions of dollars.

  • Vast experience handling a diverse array of sophisticated transactions, including asset purchases, stock transactions, mergers, strategic investments and debt financings.

  • Highly skilled at handling all facets of a deal, including document drafting, negotiations, structuring, valuations, due diligence and regulatory approvals.

Whether you're an agent, reseller, service provider, VAR or consultant, Ben's full-service telecom law practice can help you achieve your goals. Why settle for anyone other than the acknowledged industry leader? Contact Ben Bronston today!

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Ben Bronston

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