Time is running out! Are you earning with BullsEye?    BullsEye offers competitive commissions, a full suite of outstanding products and services to sell, responsive service to both you and your customers, and more.  Call Today!  | 248-784-2642 or email Tony Walterhouse, Director of Sales Relations at twalterhouse@bullseyetelecom.com | www.bullseyetelecom.com |

Time is running out!
Hundreds of agents are earning with BullsEye;
why aren't you?


Why havenít you called BullsEye Telecom yet about our premier Agent Partner Program? Are you:

  1. Trapped under a giant anvil and canít get to a phone or computer?
  2. Allergic to money and perks?
  3. Afraid of success based on bad childhood memories of a failed spelling bee or missing that critical catch in your little league game? (Itís time to move onÖ)
  4. Worried your friends and family will only care about you because of all of your success and earnings?
  5. Still believing your garage band will make it big one day? (Again, itís time to move onÖ)

Whatever it is, we havenít heard from you and we donít understand why!!! For a limited time (yes, this wonít last forever), BullsEye Telecom is seeking the right kind of agents for our Partner program. If you areÖ

  • Experienced in telecommunications sales
  • A highly motivated individual
  • A proven goal-setter and goal-getter

Öthen we are very interested in meeting you. In exchange, we offer our agent partners:

  • Competitive commissions
  • A full suite of outstanding products and services to sell
  • Responsive service to both you and your customers
  • An awesome, limited-time program of additional perks and incentives, including cash prizes, trips to exotic places, and cool merchandise
  • A name you can trust and a true partner you can depend upon


Get out from under that anvil and put down that guitar Ė itís time to call BullsEye Telecom today!

Contact us at (248) 784-2642.

Or, email Tony Walterhouse, Director of Sales Relations, at twalterhouse@bullseyetelecom.com.

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