TA Introduces New Vendor Member CTG3  Master agent for Qwest wholesale, Qwest residential and other data-centric applications with a specialty in serving the needs of Internet service providers and other similar businesses with a need to distribute Qwest products and services


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TA Introduces its Newest Vendor Member
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"CTG3 is the perfect partner for a Service Provider. The company, through their focus on the Service Provider industry, has gone through a learning curve and has built the tools and relationships to bring a high amount of added value to the table. CTG3 is our preferred agent for multiple carriers."

Mammoth Networks
Brian Worthen, President
Internet Service Provider, WY

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Dave Laskowski, Founding Partner



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15821 NE 8th Street Suite #W160
Bellevue, WA 98008


CTG3 provides business technology service providers like ISPs and CLECs to connect to both Qwest retail and wholesale business services such as ATM, Metro Ethernet, DSL, DSL Host, and private line in order to provide internet based services to their customers.

CTG3 also provides service providers, sub-agents, retail chain distributors access to powerful sets of tools which allows their partners to place orders, make changes, and track status of Qwest residential services such as DSL, Local, Long Distance, Wireless, DirectTV and gives each company or individual the ability to limit the scope of services offered based on their business model with a custom site branded with their company logo.


"20 Questions" with CTG3's Dave Laskowski

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Listen to learn how CTG3 is significantly different from other Qwest master agents.


TA Editor's Review

Types of end-user businesses that use CTG3:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs)
  • Technology retail distributor (computer stores, etc.)
  • Customers of ISPs, CLECs and technology retailers

Why end-user business customers choose CTG3:

  • Experience with enabling service providers to leverage the Qwest network to roll out Internet based services to their customer base.

Type of agents that work with CTG3:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • CLEC. Independent Telco's, VOIP Providers)
  • Independent Consultants who work with service providers
  • Individual or companies who have a desire to sell Qwest Residential services to mass markets

Why agents choose CTG3:

  • The only Qwest master agent who is have programs which cover Qwest retail business, Qwest wholesale business, and Qwest Residential

CTG3 service area:

  • 14-state Qwest RBOC area
  • All continental USA

Years in business:

  • Five

Bottom line:

     If you are looking for a no nonsense Master Agent who will help enable your company leverage the services that carriers like Qwest, Level 3, AT&T, Sprint, Mammoth Networks and others can offer then CTG3 is your agent of choice.

     Contact Dave Laskowski, CTG3 Founding Partner at 425-458-5868 866-269-0496 or dave@ctg3.com.


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