You've all heard about EarthLink's focus on retail and our new PCI Compliance Solution.  There are lots of opportunities out there, and our partner ANX wants to reward those who capture it during the Cash for Compliance contest!  Earn cash rewards for closing deals quickly now through September 30th!

What's in it for our partners? 

*     $500 for the Partner with the highest total PCI MRR (min of $500 in PCI MRR)

*     $2,500 for the Partner with any PCI deal over $5,000 MRR (min. of $5,000 in PCI MRR)

NOTE:  Qualifying MRR is for the PCI Compliance Services ONLY, and does not include access, MPLS or other additional services.  For example, a 4 location sale with access, MPLS and the PCI Compliance Validation Basic Package would qualify for a total of $100 in PCI MRR or $25/per location.

For any new MPLS network sale or upgrade, PCI Compliance Validation can be bundled in at $0 cost and will be valued at $25 per location qualifying MRR for the contest.

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