light it up on a wave of bonuses
light it up on a wave of bonuses
EarthLink means more incentives.
Start your own Gold Rush with a 150% bonus.
EarthLink's Bonus Opportunity includes IT Services!
Get paid up to 150% MRR SPIFF!
IT Services SPIFF
MRR of Deal
No $MRR Minimum
Exchange and Venterprise products
No $MRR Minimum
Cloud Server Backup, Data Center,
Firewall and Prem Based Firewall
Network SPIFF (including Ethernet)
MRR of Deal
Capitalize on a high tide of services.
EarthLink's fault tolerant, high availability Enterprise Class Data Centers empower you to provide Cloud Hosting, Cloud Disaster Recovery and Colocation services to your customers.
Hitch a ride on our American Road Trip and find out why EarthLink Means More.
EarthLink has all the resource materials
you need!
Next stop: Florida!
Terms and Conditions:
The promotion begins on April 1, 2013 and ends on October 31, 2013 at 5pm PST ("Promotion Period")
MRC does not include usage.
POTS lines do not qualify.
All SPIFFs are paid the month after the order is booked. All orders must be complete and accepted by EarthLink during the Bonus Period to qualify. (booked is defined as order accepted by EarthLink Business based upon booking requirements at the discretion of EarthLink)
Only partners who have entered into a Partner Agreement with EarthLink Business may participate in the promotion. This content is governed by the general terms and conditions of the Agreement.
Only new billed revenue from new circuits (as those terms are defined in the Agreement) during the Promotion Period qualify for the Bonus. Renewals, downgrades, reconfigures, or moves of existing circuits or POTS lines do not qualify.
Special priced and ICB are not eligible unless a written exception is received prior to execution of AFS.
Special priced and ICB is to be defined as any pricing provided outside of the maximum discounts discounts afforded ELNK Channel Managers/Management and Partner Pricing Team.
It is the Channel Partners responsibility to request written confirmation of approved SPIFFs on ICB. EarthLink is not obligated to pay SPIFFs on ICBs unless written confirmation is provided by EarthLink SPR/ICB team.
The maximum bonus for all EarthLink Business partner bonuses or SPIFFs is capped at $25,000 per customer.
EarthLink reserves the right to recover or recalculate based upon MRC adjustments from the initial order. If an order cancels prior to install or in the first 6 months after install, Bonus will be recovered on the next applicable commission run.
Any EAS on legacy products will not be included in the MRC for SPIFF calculation.
Bonus not eligible for any legacy New Edge products.
Only VPX, Metro-E, Mega One Integrated, Mega One Data and Mega PRI products are eligible for a Bonus from legacy STS products.
Minimum 3 year agreement applies.
EarthLink Business reserves the right to terminate or modify this program at any time.
Additional restrictions may apply.
Excludes CenterBeam, EarthLink TechCare and Cloud Workspace products. Network and IT Services SPIFF paid separately
Contact your Channel Manager at Or call 1-877-610-5775.
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Hosted VoIP - Metaswitch

Data - MPLS Domestic
SIP Trunks - Domestic



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