It's not always the sunshine state
It's not always the sunshine state
Man-made or natural disasters will inevitably impact your customers'
IT infrastructure all across America. Will you be prepared?
Now you can easily implement EarthLink's new Cloud Disaster Recovery service, a comprehensive and affordable Disaster Recovery Solution, and the latest in our suite of scalable virtualization products.
Guarantee your customers 99.999% uptime no matter the weather.
An affordable, cloud-based replication server that requires minimal resources, Cloud Disaster Recovery protects valuable data, applications and the operating environment from man-made accidents, power outages, natural disasters, and server crashes.
Learn the best strategies for protecting your customers' IT infrastructure.
Click here to download our "Will You Be Prepared When the Next Disaster Strikes?" white paper and webinar.
Hitch a ride on our American Road Trip and find out why EarthLink Means More.
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you need!
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