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Bill consolidation, telecom management and network services
for enterprise and multi-location clients

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EnTelegent Solutions is a Managed Solutions Provider ("MSP") for enterprise and multi-location customers with the ability to manage one or more services, provided by one or more carriers under one common umbrella; resulting in a simple & cost effective solution.

Partners & customers needing an experienced, single point of contact for their enterprise voice & data opportunities and environments should contact EnTelegent for a solution review.

Executive Interview

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Customer & Partner ValueGoogle Presentations

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Presentations outline:

  • What is EnTelegent?
  • Why a managed solutions provider?
  • Today's corporate challenges.
  • Where is the opportunity? (Corporate & Agent / VAR challenges)
  • From raw data to effective action.
  • EnTelegent's solutions "Flexibility"
  • EnTelegent services.
  • EnTele-Data
  • EnTele-Voice
  • EnTele-Audit
  • EnTele_Bill
  • EnTele-Manage
  • EnTelegent opportunity "Value"
  • Increased revenue, product mix & residual commission
  • Automated process "Responsiveness"
  • EnTele-Portal
  • Quote requests
  • Management reports
  • Change and trouble management
  • EnTelegent summary


TA Founder's Review by Dan Baldwin

As medium-sized and enterprise size customers experience downsizing through one department after another, sooner or later the people who worked in the departments that knew everything about all the voice and data contracts and moved, retired or laid off.

Invariably some CIOs, IT managers or telecom partner gets saddled with having to reconstruct the "who, what and why" of all the converged voice and data solutions that the firm must pay for every month.

"What is it, Who ordered it, Why do we need it and Are we getting a good price?" are just a few of the questions that get asked. These questions are hard enough to answer in a single location office. For enterprise customers with 50 offices or more the task is often impossible for those with little expertise or experience in these matters.

That's where EnTelegent Solutions has a distinct advantage.

By outsourcing the enterprise's "tele-managment" needs to an experienced and expert staff like EnTelegent, enterprise businesses need never again fear that they will lose their corporate voice & data management knowledge in the next round of layoffs.

Does EnTelegent have what multi-location enterprise businesses need?

Bill Consolidation Services?  YES

Telecom Activity Management?  YES

Voice & Data Network Service?  YES

Executive & Operational Experience?  YES

Bottom Line?

Multi-location enterprise customers are safeguarding their voice and data systems by outsourcing the management of the systems to experts with deep experience. In most cases, expert managed solutions providers like EnTelegent do a better and more cost effective job managing the systems as a contractor then if an enterprise hired the same talent to do it from "in-house".


Agent & Partner Inquiries

For more information please contact:


Steve Yusko, Business Development Director



Lisa Brown, Channel Manager




704-323-7488, 704-504-5868 (fax),



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