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Granite Telecom

Got Customers with Locations in Canada?

Granite Does That!

Granite has completed agreements with the major Canadian telecommunications companies and is now supporting consolidation of POTS lines for Canadian locations of US based clients.  As in the US, Granite pricing is a discount off the tariff rate or commercially published rate of local services.  Canadian LD calls, as well as calls from Canada to the US, will be billed at $0.049 per minute.

Note that Canada has approximately 2 million business POTS lines.  These agreements allow Granite and its Agent partners to bring more value to existing clients through further consolidation while providing an attractive addition to Granite’s value proposition for potential new users, creating new opportunity for Granite partners to increase their commissions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding Canada consolidation with Granite Telecommunications.

Charlie Pagliazzo

Director, Alternate Channels

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Quincy, MA  02171


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