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Granite Telecom

How 'Granite Guard' Keeps Multi-Location Customers 'Sticky'


Granite Guard, Granite Telecommunicationsí wholly owned subsidiary, is the premier provider of loss prevention and risk management solutions solely for businesses.

With Granite Guard, from Granite Telecom, TA members have a way to keep their best multi-location clients even "stickier" while generating additional revenue.

Click here to listen to a TA podcast interviewing Granite's Channel Director Charlie Pagliazzo about why telecom agents and channel sales partners in the multi-location marketplace like the advantage Granite Guard gives them.

See Granite at Channel Partners, Booth 3031

Charlie Pagliazzo

Director, Alternate Channels

100 Newport Avenue Extension
Quincy, MA  02171


866-699-0081 fax

Websites:   corporate    partners


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