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Is Your POTS Vendor Jeopardizing Your Customer With Secret "Hot-Cuts" Off the RBOC Network?

It's no secret that the RBOC POTS line carriers that provide the world's best analogue circuits for fax lines, modem lines, alarm lines and the like have a tendency to change their prices with fairly short notice.

What is a secret is that some POTS consolidation carriers are trying to save money by switching their POTS customers off the rock solid RBOC networks and onto the much less reliable CLEC phone networks without explicit permission from their unsuspecting customers or telecom agent channel partners.



What Can Go Wrong With These "Hot Cuts"?


Just about everything from:


     1. Losing phone service for a couple of minutes,


     2. Losing phone service for a couple days or more,


     3. Losing your customer's phone numbers



Most POTS Customers Don't Want to be on the CLEC Networks


The whole idea behind POTS consolidation is to:


     1. Stay on the safe, reliable 100-year-old RBOC network


     2. NOT have hot cuts that interrupt phone service


POTS consolidation customers don't need POTS consolidators to get onto the CLEC networks.  If they wanted their POTS lines to be on the CLEC networks they would contract directly with the CLEC carriers.



Which Networks Do Your POTS Consolidation Customers Want?


Granite Customers Stay on the RBOC Network


Non-Granite Customers Can Are Being Hot Cut to CLEC Networks


If your POTS consolidation customer proposal hinges on keeping your customer on the RBOC network that they know and trust, don't risk losing your customer over unauthorized hot cuts to a CLEC network that they don't want to be on.




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