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Do Your POTS Customers Want the Highest RBOC Discounts & Best Multi-Carrier Reports Without the Direct RBOC Headaches?



Over 250 Channel Partner firms look to Granite to provide their multi-location business customers with:


1. High RBOC Discounts


Instead of bargaining separately with AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink, customers can combine their RBOC traffic and get a single higher total discount using Granite's market power from over 14,000 business customers than they could get by bargaining with the RBOCs individually.



2. Best Multi-Location, Multi-Carrier Reports


As the nation's largest POTS consolidator serving over 172,000 separate customer locations, Granite has mastered the ability to provide customers with the exact management reports they need that consolidate, sort and distill the the management information business decision makers need on a monthly basis that covers all their locations.


As a Granite phone customer, businesses that have locations spread over over several phone company regions no longer have to consolidate their own reports from separate phone carriers.



3. No More Direct RBOC Headaches


Customers with a direct relationship with AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink know that it takes three times the pain and suffering to get the simplest adds, moves and changes ordered, worked correctly and completed.


As a Granite phone customer, businesses simply make one call and their orders are completed correctly by someone they know and trust.




Find out why Granite services businesses in every industry across North America, including the most well-known institutional names in the Fortune 1000, and create a long-term commission stream today.


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Charlie Pagliazzo
Director, Channels

617-933-7317, email 

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Charlie Pagliazzo

Director, Channels
617-933-7317, email

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Granite is the leading corporate phone service provider to multi-location companies through our scalable solutions, customized to manage all your local, regional and national locations.

Through long-term commercial wholesale contracts, Granite offers dial-tone, infrastructure solutions and high speed broadband services to our customers at significant savings.

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