QuoteReach-HiRes 250

Telecom Service Availability & Pricing Tool

Now Available for users of Salesforce.com

Still Using a Blackberry?  Probably not.  Why?  Because the Android and iPhone platforms provide far more capabilities then the old leader, Blackberry.  Salesforce.com is simply a better platform for running applications, then many of the old fashioned legacy technology systems you may have used for years.

Why continue running your Telecom service availability and pricing on a non-integrated, less capable platform then is available today, when you can get a more powerful, better performing, more feature rich system, with much greater capability for a lower cost with QuoteReach for Salesforce.com.  QuoteReach is an included part of SalesReach Telecom. See the QuoteReach Video Here.

The choices are simple:

Blackberry or iPhone?  Blackberry or Android?

Your old fashioned legacy system or QuoteReach?

QuoteReach determines Service Availability and Pricing for any kind of service or product

+ Multi-Location, Multi- Service, Multi-Product, Multi-Everything Quotes and Proposals

+ Fully integrated, Native App runs as part of SalesReach Telecom for user of Salesforce.com Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions

+ Service Availability determined by NPA-NXX, CLLI, Address

+ Easy selection of items allows complex quotes like multi-location hosted VoIP with multiple access types to be done in seconds

+ Selected items automatically added to Salesforce.com Opportunity Product Line Items

+ Closed Won Opportunity Products Automatically added to Assets (Inventory) with no manual data entry

+ Salesforce.com Forecasts automatically updated

+ All Carrier services and products are added free

= a better performing, more profitable business for you.

For details visit us on the web or email us at SRT@SalesReachSoftware.com or call (877) 532-6332 option 1.

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