New Monthly Top 10 List for
Agents & Vendors from
Dan Baldwin

No Time for a Thousand Headlines?


No time during the month to sort through thousands of information and communications technology headlines from hundreds of news sources?


Then you'll want to check out my new monthly "Top 10" list where I sort through that media mountain, cut it down to the top 10 most important headlines, and add a bit of my own commentary to answer the question, "Why is this news?"


Click here or the image below to listen to our first edition.




Next Month:  "ICT Monthly"


Beginning Friday, August 1st we'll be adding additional content to the Top 10 News piece and call the whole thing "ICT Monthly".


(Hint: ICT stands for "Information and Communications Technology" which is what you have after "IT and telecom merge into one".)


The format will be multi-media to be viewed via browser, tablet or smartphone.  ICT Monthly will be published the first Friday of every month.


Pro Articles Only, No Advertising Accepted


The only articles that will appear in ICT Monthly are articles written by working "ICT Pros" -- anyone who earns a living consulting with ICT decision makers about the ICT solutions that a business end-user would consider.  ICT decision makers will also be allowed to submit articles.


No vendor advertising will be accepted.  ICT Monthly will be solely sponsored by Premium TA Vendor Members whose logos will appear adjacent to the content.


(Hint: If you're a vendor that wants a case study included, you need to have it submitted by one of your channel sales partners under their by-line.)


Submission Deadline:  Monday before First Friday of Each Month


If you're a working ICT pro and you want to publish an article, please submit it to not later than the Monday before the first Friday of each month.



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