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Chris Barton, President / CEO
Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.
12350 NW 39th Street
Coral Springs, FL 33065

phone: 888-940-5600 or
fax:  954-905-4265
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website:  www.wcs.com

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WCS Simplifies the Management of Your Telecom Solutions

Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc. (WCS) is a leading global provider of Business Communications Network Services. We help partners and businesses of all sizes succeed through cloud-based communications, applications, and high-quality broadband connections.

Since 1996, WCS has been delivering world-class TDM and Voice over IP (VoIP) services, as well as flexible Unified Communications and Broadband services.  We have successful, long-term partnerships with a nationwide group of VAR’s and Private Label Solution Providers.

Our products are flexible so that they can be customized to fit the unique business needs of our partners and the customers they serve.  Our global network is voice-optimized, passes nearly 1 billion IP minutes per year, and guarantees voice uptime of 99.99%.  Our leadership is seasoned with experienced professionals in advanced telecommunications and networking disciplines.

Communications Services

WCS offers five families of services to meet even the most demanding needs of our various enterprise and small business customers.


1. Voice Services:  Because we have both TDM and IP network experience, our next generation network backbone creates a unique TDM and IP network experience.  We offer comprehensive 1+ outbound, toll-free incoming, and audio/web/HD 720p videoconferencing over our Sonus-powered network.  Usage-based per minute and flat rate programs are available.


2.  Local Services:  We offer nationwide 50 state analog POTS and digital PRI services.   We can also perform a complete POTS line aggregation of all your on-net and off-net invoices to make it simple to cut one check and eliminate multiple unneeded invoices.


3.  networkWCS:  SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX Communications and Colocation.  WCS operates a national backbone of fiber optic handoffs in high quality data centers throughout the United States and abroad.  We help businesses save money and optimize their communications.  Our SIP Trunking is compatible with the majority of IP PBXs.  We offer a Hosted Communications service that combines voice with a range of collaboration and desktop sharing applications that are compatible with Microsoft Lync 2013.  Our services and equipment options are flexible, so that they can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business.


4.  Connectivity:  300 carrier backbones, 400,000 buildings in over 500 cities are connected to our network, plus all the resale applications WCS offers.  Whether you need DSL/Cable all the way to 100 Gbps, MPLS, IP-VPN, VPLS or wireless broadband over 4G/LTE/fixed, WCS has the solution to get you where you need to be.


5.  Managed Services & SaaS:  WCS offers its flagship SaaS customer platform known as enterpriseView (US patent # 11/936,952) for online quoting, paperless contracting, order, care, billing and repair ticket management.  Additional modules include real-time device management of equipment in your network (InSite) and a full suite of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Mobility Management (WMM).

Award Winning Partner Program

     We offer expert technical sales support, customizable partner-focused services and portals, including all of the above products and services, at volume-driven discounted price points for distribution to end user clients.  Our Partner support includes automatic qualification and quoting tools, private label billing and co-marketing with online training programs, sales incentives, and dedicated channel support.

WCS Core Service Families

•  networkWCS - Colocation/SIP Trunking/Hosted PBX

•  TDM & IP Voice - 1+ Outbound, Toll-Free, Audio/Web/Video Conferencing

•  Local – Analog POTS and Digital PRI (50-States, Puerto Rico and Canada)

•  Connectivity Services (DSL/CableCo – DIA/MPLS/VPLS 1.5 Mbps – 100 Gbps)

•  Managed Network & Equipment Services/SaaS/TEM/WMM

* Wireless Expense / Mobility Management

* Conferencing
* Data - Reseller
* Hosting - Managed Services
* Telecom Expense Management

* CLEC National
* Data - MPLS Domestic

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