Add a Few Questions to Your Sales Process and Double Your Income with Enhanced Services from WTG's Speciality Divisions:

Cost Containment Division

We can provide you cost containment services from our many providers to fit your customers unique needs:

TEM-Telecom Expense Management: All Businesses Need TEM

Franchise Excise Tax: 3% write off on last 3 years of your customers telecom cost!

Logistics: Managing shipping, freight and parcel costs and credits as a value added service

Auditing: Review any other Business Expense (except payroll) to discover savings and retention for your customers and a new profit center for you


LEC Division

Let our experienced LEC team handle your customers requirements with ease:

Direct relationships with Every Major LEC (AT&T, Verizon and Qwest) and many smaller ones (Embarq, Citizens/Frontier)

Full Nationwide Support, Pre and Post sales (CSR's, quotes, paperwork and coordination)

Dedicated WTG Support Team and Resources (assistance in solutions, network design and closing deals)


 Wholesale Division

We can support your sales to Carriers, Resellers, and Pseudo wholesalers / big retailers:

Full support available in our Wholesale division
Commissions are lower but you can "make it up in volume" overall as these customers billing is much higher than retail
Choose from Providers such as Level3, Qwest, Global Crossing, Paetec and AboveNet among others

 Wireless Division

Only Wireline Master Agent with a Wireless Division for over 5 years:

Direct Fulfillment With ALL Major Wireless Providers: Sprint/Nextel, AT&T/Cingular, Verizon and T-Mobile

All Mobility Solutions Available: Mobile Bridges (wireless WAN, Hot Spots, TDM back up)

Co-Branded Online Wireless Store: Get Your Own Wireless URL To frame into Your Web Site or Email to Your Customers


Save your customers more money than with stand alone network services, create new profit centers for your business while also increasing retention! WTG's diverse portfolio of products coupled with our specialty divisions enable our agents to get all the business that comes their way, are you?

WTG is a premier Master Agent providing exceptional service to all our Agent Partners since 1996.


WTG is 100% Partner-driven and pays top commissions in the industry. We provide the most diverse portfolio that includes more Providers than other Master Agents, associated equipment in addition to attached specialty divisions.


Become a WTG Agent Today, Get Information Below:


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