Top 10 Reasons to Become a WTG Agent.    #2 - The #1 Wireless / Mobility Provider and the only Wireline Master Agent who has had a Wireless Division for over 5 years.*  Put that extensive experience to work for you!   Click here to Become a WTG Agent || Visit WTG on the Web: || View WTG's PartnerEdge Sample Quote || Call for general WTG questions - 310-456-2200 x2.

Top 10 Reasons To Become a WTG Agent 
(Serious Version as this ain't the 'Late Show'!)


#1 - The Most Diverse Portfolio of Providers in the Industry: with over 75 Providers, we can provide solutions for ANY application. Send us opportunities that you cannot find a fit for!

#2 - The #1 Wireless / Mobility Provider and the only Wireline Master Agent who has had a Wireless Division for over 5 years.* Put that extensive experience to work for you!

#3 - The #3 Master Agent in US and the only Master Agent to have won 2 TA awards in 2006!* Being #1 in THE most leading edge field & top3 overall = most diverse solution provider = you win!

#4 - Industry Leading Automation: our PartnerEdge CRM gives you proposal quality quotes, order management and more. Automate your sales process today so you can focus on sales!

#5 - Specialty Divisions: LEC (direct contracts with all nationals & regionals), Wireless (contracts with all the major & minor carriers), Wholesales (broker to & for the big guys!) & Cost Containment (TEM. Logistics, etc.). These divisions ALL have dedicated employees to them!

#6 - Meticulously Negotiated Direct Provider Contracts: we get the best language including evergreen, right to compete on all business, mutual indemnification and more for you.

#7 - Industry's Only "Customer Service Escalation Policy": if trouble or billing ticket does not close in MTR, hand it off to us so you can focus on sales & relationships!

#8 - THE best training from a Master Agent in the Industry : Kickoff & Quarterly Meetings, Monthly PartnerEdge training and ongoing Exclusive Provider Learning Seminars. It is WTG's opinion that training is one of the most important factors that contribute to Agent success

#9 - THE best networking events in the industry: Annual Tee & Sea (200+ people), Holiday Party (75+), Events at Channel Partners Conference Spring & Fall and many, many more. WTG feels strongly about networking events as building relationships is the foundation to building biz!

#10 - We have no contractural commitments or quotas. If you are open to those, the carriers have plenty but we feel that as a Master Agent that we should help you sell without holding a quota over your head.


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