About TA 1000

TA's Top 1000 Members are rated by Telecom Association's executive board who draw from annual personal interview, client reviews, subject matter expert opinions and industry publication. TA publishes member recognition at this site to attest to the high quality of TA's members for the benefit of business end-users wanting to confirm the recommendation status of TA members.


About Telecom Association

Telecom Association or "TA" was founded in 1995 by Dan Baldwin, a successful independent telecom sales consultant himself who wanted to join the association for communications technology sales consultants but one did not exist so he started TA.

Today TA has 3,800 members who join for the purpose of keeping track of the best ICT (information & communications technology) solutions and vendors in the marketplace so they know which ones are best suited for their business end-user clients.


What the Individual Awards Mean

TA 1000 - Members displaying the "TA 1000" badge have been recognized as being in the top 1000 of TA's 3,800 members for the year displayed.

Customers Choice - Members displaying one of these four awards specifically call on business end-users. "Winners" are the best in their category for the past 12 months in that TA interviewed no others that rated higher by client reviews, subject matter expert opinions or industry publications. "Top 5" and "Top 10" designations indicate the member is in very good company. "Award" designation means the member is new to the category but TA expects them to be in the Top 5 or Top 10 in the coming year.

Solution Expert  - Members displaying this badge are rated as having an expert knowledge level in a specific individual technology discipline. Solution Expert members working for TA vendors are usually sales engineers or product managers. Independent Solution Expert members are usually integration experts who know how to vet and project manage multi-vendor solutions.

Channel Expert - Members displaying this badge are highly experienced in working with or managing an ICT vendor program that delivers ICT solutions to business end-users through an independent channel sales partner program.

Recommended - Members displaying this badge are one of the top sales partners of one of the top vendors in any one of TA's 89 ICT solution categories. TA rates hundreds of ICT vendors each year to determine who are the best in our 87 solution categories. The top vendor winners in each category are authorized to display this badge as are the top partners of the winning vendors who specialize in the category the vendor won.

Questions or Comments? 

If you have questions about the recommended status of any member please contact TA Executive Director Dan Baldwin at 951-251-5155 or [email protected].  


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