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Thanks for visiting  If you're a business end-user trying to confirm the "bona fides" of a telecom or ICT (information & communications technology) professional you're thinking about working with, this site is for you!

My name is Dan Baldwin and I'm an independent telecom/ICT sales partner who started my own independent consulting firm to help business end-users sort through complicated business phone system choices back in 1994. In 1995 I wanted to join the association for independent telecom sales professionals but none existed so I started Telecom Association or "TA".

3,800 members Working for You

Over the past 20 years over 10,000 independent telecom sales consultants and hundreds of telecom vendors have affiliated with TA to have some place to share and exchange information about how to best serve the communications technology decision making needs of business end users.

Today, TA has about 3,800 active members who keep track of the information TA shares with them about which telecom and ICT vendors are producing the best telecom and ICT solutions for business end-users. 

Telecom Association - A Mark of Trust

When you see a TA member displaying a TA award or recognition badge we want you to know that person has earned the right to display that badge. I personally vet TA's Top 1000 through annual personal interview, client reviews, subject matter expert opinions and industry publication.

If you come to this website and see a TA members's individual page displaying their individual awards, you can trust that the person you are looking at has been personally vetted by Telecom Association's executive board and can be trusted to help you with your project.

If you have any questions about an individual's qualifications or comments to share about our TA 1000 program, please contact me directly at 951-251-5155 or [email protected].


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