Record Your Voice

Create the best audio using the widget above and a microphone plugged into your computer.

If the widget above is not visible, try the one at this link:

 Telephone Dial-in Method: 

A. Call 714-294-5100 to recordings an audio up to 5-minutes long

B. Use a corded desk phone to get the best quality

C. Press "# 4" to hear your recording, "# 2" to delete it and "# 1" to re-record your message

D. Email TA how many recordings you sent so we can confirm receipt

Recording Best Practices: 

A. Say the Question First - When we cut & paste your audio into a larger recording it flows better if you say the question right before you answer it.

B. Use Written Notes - Only about 10% of even the best salespeople can record engaging content from memory without notes.

C. Use Keywords - We transcribe the recording so the search engines can find your recorded content. Internet searchers won't find your content unless your content contains the keywords they're searching on.

D. Use Comparisons - Compare the past to the present. Compare vendor A to vendor B. Compare the present to the future. Mostly compare specific vendors. People want that most!

E. Tell Your Story - People want to to emulate your victories or avoid your defeats.

F. Say the Most Interesting Thing First - People will only listen to all of an extended 3 minute audio if the first 10 seconds starts off with something fairly interesting like, "Here's how we won a $50,000 per month deal away from AT&T that no one expected us to win..."


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